How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver

The electric shavers are the easiest and fastest way of having a clean- and smooth-shaven look. They are safer and comfortable as well. The first thing you should keep in mind that, all the electric shavers in the market are not suitable for you. Due to the variation of skin type and convenience, you should pick one that can meet your need.

So, be sure about your skin type and another requirement. Maybe you are confused until now. By reading the following words, it will be easy to understand what we are trying to say and you will be able to choose the best electric shaver then.

There are 3 main types of electric shavers available in the market. They are Rotary shaver, Foil shaver, and trimmer. Each type of electric shavers will give you some helpful facilities and they have some disadvantages too. Read about them carefully.

Types of Electric Shavers
Rotary Shavers
If you are a person with first growing facial hair in various directions, the rotary shavers are suitable for you. Basically, they are designed with 3-4 rotating heads. If you feel the necessity of shaving almost every day, these are suitable for you. But if you have sensitive skin or if you desire a precise shaving, you won’t get it from a rotating shaver.

Foil Shavers
Need a close shaving? Foil shaver is the perfect selection then. Even if you have sensitive skin, this type of shaver will perform well for you. Though foil shaver can give you excellent performance for moving in a circle, they are able to provide a precise shaving really well.

You will find the beard trimmer, hair clipper, and clipper shaver in the category. This type of shaver is ideal for both face and head. If you need a time-saving item, this type of electric shaver is the best selection for you. But they can’t provide a smooth finish and they are not suitable for all looks.

Important Features
Let’s see the important features of different types of electric shavers. Though every feature is not the same for each type of electric shavers but you have to know them.

Multi-Direction Head
For the rotary shavers, it is a must-have feature. The multi-directional flexible heads are able to move in multiple directions automatically. The heads follow the curves of the face and reach the hard-to-reach areas too. It is helpful for neck and jawline as well.

Wet and Dry Shave
People need most of their advantages. You must want to save your time by using the shaver in the shower. You may know using foam, gel, and water helps to get a smooth skin feeling. And it is also important for people with sensitive skin. So, you should go with an electric shaver that supports both wet and dry shaves.

Pop-Up Trimmer
To give an excellent finish to shaving, the pop-up trimmer is very helpful. When you need a specific look, it helps there. You will find the trimmer placed on the back of the shaver head. They are easy to push it for open and close after finishing.

Design is very important for the electric shaver. A compact design can provide you a smooth, quick, and comfortable shaving. To use precisely, you have to hold them properly. You should choose the shaver that will fit your hand and will also good for the curve of your face.

Quick Charge
Sometimes you have to use the electric shavers in the emergency. You will find the feature of quick charging within 5 minutes for most of them. Charging for 5 minutes will provide a shave for a single time.

Long Battery Life
The electric shavers are available both in the corded and cordless models. For those who want to take the shaver while traveling or in different outdoor activities, a long battery helps a lot.

Easy Use and Easy Clean
The electric shavers are designed with LCD display and different types of indicator as well. They feature cleaning reminders, battery indicator, battery charging indicator, foil & blade replacement reminder, and so on. They help to use the shaver accurately.
After using the shaver, you have to clean it properly. You should go with an electric shaver that is washable so that you can rinse it underwater.

Hope all of these facts we have described here will help you to choose the best electric shaver. Now you also know about the types of electric shavers and you can understand now which one is suitable for you.